Blueberry Chemo


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Product Description

Oh yeah! A super fun hybrid of a couple of my favs...clear your schedule (ha) and try this one out!

A super potent cross of blueberry and chemo, Both epic strains come togther to make this mind and body numbing beauty.



Mike 2019-08-23 03:54:33

Blueberry chemo was nothing like chemo itself. This is a quarter I bought back when it was avaliable and knocked me out. I opened the bag and didn't even want to smoke it cause it smelt so good I could eat it. So potent it was almost like a blueberry spray but lasted right into the exhale. I am needing this weed to come back cause nothing compares. The buds were long and lean like chemo's produces but not very dense. Very flavourful like the Black Diamond when he buds are bigger and would only buy this if it was avaliable. A true heavy indica that leaves you laughing for hours- this coming from one who smokes indica oils throughout the day.