Blue King


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Product Description

Blue King Hybrid at Cheebas - A wonderful new edition

Blue King is the off spring of blueberry cannabis strains that have been improved over time. A heavy resin bud with delicious aromas and flavors and a potent high. This comes from parents that are indica and sativa but when smoking Blue King the sativa side is energetic, focused and long lasting.

Smokers say this is best enjoyed during the day.



Blindside72 2020-09-02 10:30:27

Excellent aroma and great exhale thanx Cheebas. I’m very satisfied with the prompt service. That said, strain boss’s saddle up.., smooth sunsets ..,, lady friendly

Supernatural1971 2020-07-24 02:59:04

King of BB 24.37% THC 80/20 IND Dom smells & taste like organic fresh BC BB 10 Effects 8.8 Relaxed Euphoric & horny TY I bow to the King proudly No more Blue balls just Ghost. Hungry for chocolate pie Looks BB small heads BB does not grow boulders but tasty