Blue Dream Sativa

Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Blue Dream Hash by Area 51 - Sativa

New to the shelves of cheebas, Area 51 Hash. 5 potent strains that offer something for everyone. This is not about conspiracies, the crew at Area 51 produces sold hash every time. Made with the best base materials found right here in BC they turn out a potent, and aromatic hash that might just have you seeing the UFO's the government now say exist.

About the strain: Have trouble finding Sativa hash? Look no further! Cheeba's has gathered the best selection for you. Get ready to experience the ultimate dream with our Blue Dream Hash. This daytime smoke is perfect for those seeking a potent and energizing high. Feel physically mellow while staying productive. Unlike other hash, our Blue Dream has a unique soft and bendable texture that won't crumble. The scent is so amazing that if it could be bottled, it would be the most coveted cologne.

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Surge 2023-08-16 01:49:13

Very good taste and buzz awesome hash wow!!