Black Platinum


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Product Description

Black Platinum at Cheebas

This is a Sativa dominant hybrid boasting THC level in the mid-'20s. This potent bud is a cross between two crazy popular strains Platinum Jack Here and Black Congolese. The tester says this hits hard and more is not better.

Expect strong feelings of energy and creativity to get that music or art completed. No couch lock on the comedown just a sedated spacey high that will transfer over to deep solid sleep. Sounds like I know my next weed choice.

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Supernatural1971 2020-07-07 01:18:16

Plat AAA Jack x Black Congo is a Sativa Hybrids dream! 1g bud was 27.77% THC Looks like pic 8.8 smokes 9.2 Aroma 10 Rich full champagne smoke ,lil bit of the bubbly Jericho AEW reference. Effects Focused, arousal & creative. 70 minute high! Recommend & reorder HQ AAA+ TY Cheebas & growers! This makes u feel blessed weed! Overall from a IND fan 7.77 Sativa fans 9.6 Rare mix appreciate