Black Ice Indica Hybrid


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Product Description

Black Ice for Sale! Potey Dank @ 22% THC

Classic BC Bud for sale Online in Canada

This strain is amazing! It's like smoking an anti-depressant. Very euphoric head high st first, and the burnout leaves you still very peaceful- not groggy and pissed off you aren't high anymore.


The buds are big, dense, and super dark. Almost all deep purple makes this strain the one to buy for a crazy rare strain. I've never heard of it until the pick came in. One look, smell and toke brought this strain into our roster.

Great nighttime strain for those looking to get some sleep. Forget counting sheep, smoke black ice and get some sleep.



Uncle Jeffie 2019-06-16 10:21:36

I have sampled and loved a few dozen offering from Cheeba's, and loved them all. Black Ice is a definite Super-Favourite! I had only a sample for a couple of evenings, and my notes are: delicious earthy "black", perfect, asleep by 10pm". that's all. But, I think that's about as perfect a review for an Indica as there could be. Ya? Ya! Just MY comments. I am a lightweight!

Bassist1981 2019-05-01 12:11:22

Amazing strain. Very focused, not groggy or dopey, and is the best staring that I have found for my depression. You are focused and coherent for daytime use.

Supernatural1971 2019-02-20 12:00:15

Don't drive on this...Skate on it! Sight 8 scent 7 effects 9 Feels like Black domina x Ice wreck so if u like any of those strains black diamond, blackwater sure luv this hybrid Cheebas description & pic match!