Bison Breath


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Product Description

The weed is dank, earthy, gassy. This strain is strong and always tests out with high THC levels, some topping our around 28%. This offers all the hard-hitting qualities of a classic OG Indica with the uplifting cerebral qualities of a Sativa. Bison Breath is deeply relaxing while allowing you to get stuff done.

The high hits and stays, pace yourself, and let it set in before going back for more. Great at Painkilling and will stimulate your appetite, diets go out the window with this strain.



Dwight 2021-09-14 11:45:39

Awesome, I should have bought more than 1 gram, now is sold out.

Hammerdog 2021-08-16 01:42:11

The weed smells of socks. It hits hard and locks you into the couch if you puff to hard. Good in a pipe.