Billy Crystal Hash

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Billy Crystal Hash for Sale

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This is a beautiful sativa dominant hash delivers a different but also strangely familiar high. At first, you may feel a cerebral high energy buzz that sparks creativity and blissfulness, but be prepared for the trance like meditative state that follows. Many people have been asking for more hash made from sativa dominant flowers so here you go! as an FYI Billy Crystal is also known as Crystal Coma. Enjoy!



Trash 2019-02-22 05:27:48

Un hash de qualité qui rend vraiment créatif. Le goût n'est pas le plus doux mais l'effet est vraiment intéressant. Un de mes favoris sur le site jusqu'à maintenant!

M Gagnon 2018-12-13 08:48:22

(Billy Crystal hash ) My first review with this website , i really love Hashish., . especially good Hashish... I had been searching for decent Hashish for a year online, but it’s been and miss .. mostly miss . . Now with the prohibition over ,with more Pot Websites getting up and running , I stumbled upon this website hoping ++++ that they have a decent selection of Hashish .. thank you , .... as for the B.C. Hash , it was a little harsh on the knives , with a harsh taste, The buzz after 3 hits on the knives were not overwhelming, at the start , but a felt a nice “after creep “ after 15 20 min , lasting around 1 maybe 2 hours.... could be better if the taste was there and a heavier hit .. 3.5 - out 5 .... .