Big Foot Hash

Domestic Hash

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Product Description

The demand for hash keeps growing and so does our catalogue of potent, aromatic options for all our customers.

Bigfoot is domestically made with high-quality starting material in BC. This is an important quality when deciding what to try to enjoy. While high levels of THC is not everything, it's not nothing. Right?

The texture is sticky to the touch but crumbly making it very easy to work with. The aroma is light and spicy, fresh, and slight diesel finish. Lights easily and from the testers night said it was perfect for after work, making dinner and enjoying the night in (like we are all doing these days) and listing to music. Priced right, enjoy.





honestherb 2021-04-23 10:52:57

bought this one on sale, not a lot at stake. to be honest with you, I like this better than the Afghani i bought for $5 a gram more great value and great job Cheeba's