Bernie MAC


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Product Description

New to Cheebas and comes in as a near-perfectly balanced hybrid. Bernie MAC or Miracle Alien Cookies is known by everyone who smokes and enjoys pot. This is a smoke that permeates the body with a full relaxation causing total calm in mind and body, pains are gone. The aroma is a dank earthy citrus flavor with diesel undertones. This will leave its mark in the room with a heavy stench. Buds are a stunning orange and lime green and so sticky.

The effects come on quickly and while not a heavy hitter in the THC department this is an amazing smoke.



Deftool 2021-04-17 10:42:14

Save this one for special occasions. This is some really great tasting weed and I can only describe this as a smoking experience, there are so many different things going on here. A very nice high. Get this while you can.

Squiddo 2021-03-26 11:39:12

Holy Terpinolene! Great complex taste with a finale. Well made. I had MAC before but it wasn't pampered like this one.