Baller Jars Diamonds 28g


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Product Description

Here's your opportunity to buy beautiful Full Spectrum Diamonds Extract at the best price in Canada! Peazy's are now producing bulk jars and the price savings are worth it! if you like the smooth taste and soaring high of a quality of Diamond Extract, this is the thing for you!

At a little over $13/gram, this is a great jar to buy- split it with some friends or smoke the whole thing by yourself (if you have a month off work)

White Rhino - Indica - White Widow x American Indica

Ice Cream Cake - Indica - Gelato/Wedding Cake

Purple Platinum Punch - Indica - Chemdawg / Purple Afghan

Peanut Butter Breath - Hybrid - Do si Ds / Mendo Breath

Frozen Gelato - a loved hybrid that starts with high THC in the diamond form it is a cerebral powerhouse that is very creative.

Fruity Pebbles - the flower is a near-balanced hybrid, very popular for its insane body buzz, spacy mind and is great for easing pain.

Van Island Pink - Or Island Pink is a powerhouse of an Indica. Couch lock is on the way.



FO Biggles 2022-09-05 04:09:52

A very nice product. A very nice product, indeed. I got the Frozen Gelato. Like eating gelato by the Roman Forum-- not a care in the world.

Bayern 2021-10-30 12:36:15

ordered the fruity pebbles and all I can say is WOW... smokes so smooth, tasty, and really helps with my pain for medicinal purposes and if I smoke a bunch it helps me get to sleep. Really impressed with this, good job cheebas!!