Baby Yoda Mostly Melt

Premium Domestic Hash

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Product Description

Baby Yoda 72 Micron Mostly Melt Artisan Hash

Sleeping you will be. Or at the very least couch looked. Baby Yoda is known as a potent Indica strain that builds up to an intense high that provides heavy body and mind sensations. Couch lock for experienced users leading to deep pain-free sleep. Due to these heavy tranquilizing effects, medicinal users can use Baby Yoda for sleep issues, chronic stress, and depression.

What is Mostly Melt you ask:

Mostly melt is an extraction that focuses on the best part of the plant by grabbing the trichome heads that are full of THC and terpenes. The fact is to make this you need to start with a very high-quality material, where the best of the plant is used to produce an exceptional cannabis experience.