BC Nectars - White Pack - The Black


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Product Description

BC Nectars The Black Shatter.  The Black is a mostly indica blend originating from BC Island.

The Black has stood the test of time because it's amazing.  Enjoy a deep body high that floats through the body relaxing muscles and stressful thoughts. 

Enjoy a toke before bed and chill.



Coverttech 2020-07-06 09:53:00

The BC Nectars The Black Shatter was very strong, & intense. The gram smelled good & tasted great. The composure of the gram resembled live resin. Definetly, would reorder BC Nectars for shatter! The taste is so unique & strong, you don't need much either. Thank you

BillyDaKid 2020-03-25 11:05:08

This is something special, it demands sophisticated taste buds and some knowledge of how the flavours of Cannabis express themselves. I am really curious as to the terpenes in this strain. So it kinda tastes like incense if that makes any sense??? If you have ever opened the door of a place that sells incense that’s what this one smells like once it’s had some heat applied to it. Funky floral is another way to maybe describe it. Whatever is involved in creating this strain it’s pretty amazing. Plus it’s a very decent hiaggghhh....I have a high tolerance and I was ripped off about 3 non lung burning blasts I had a great discussion with my dogs about wether Katy Perry was hot or not and I lost a couple hours off the clock before landing back to reality a plus in my books It does not totally couch lock you but don’t be thinking About doing a 1000 piece puzzle after either. I’ll be back for the black on this one. Nice little brain tickle.