Apothecary THC Spray- Sativa


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Product Description

Buy Apothecary THC Honey Spray Online

Great for beginners- Delicious and easy to dose

8ml bottle. 1 spray = 1.7mg THC

Awesome product alert! This spray is perfect for people who don't want a hassle, don't like to smoke, don't want to eat edibles, and want a mild high!

One spray of this honey infused ith THC is enough for the beginner. Pros can take a couple sprays and get nicely blasted.

This Sativa spray is perfect for people wanting real THC products without a strong 'pot' odor or taste.

If you have troubles sleeping, a cannabis product might be right for you. From the samples we've given out to light-non smokers, the response has been great! A 73 year old with insomnia finally can get 6 hours sleep after 2 sprays.

The morning might be a bit groggy until you get a cup of coffee in ya ;)