Animal Face


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Product Description

Animal Face at Cheebas

Animal Face is new to Cheebas so a little research was needed. This strain offers higher than average THC in the 27-29% range and is kind of rare to find. A Sativa dominant hybrid brought to us by crossing Face-Off and Animal Mints.

Smokers swear by this potent strain due to the pure mental relaxation and hard-hitting body effects from the high THC levels. This is a sweet earthy nutty flavor and smoke.

There is not much around so try some while you can.



Supernatural1971 2020-07-07 01:16:39

FOMA Fear of missing Allofit. 27.77% THC! 1st time with minted critters but had faceoff in hockey lots. John Travolta he's greasy. My smoking bud Squirrel Sack X-box gamer tag Pub G champion, agrees it tastes nutty like peanut butter breath. I am Maltese dildo I'm not as good. Effects the high is Game on! Fun time, ate beef & ham on French onion bun with melted St Alberts curd from Edmonton Alberta I love all of Canada Dawson city Yukon to Campbell river BC Yes I love this weed! Buy Feel creative, confident & Grinning TY Awesum ganja!