Afghani Jezail

Imported Hash

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Product Description

Afghani Jezail is a new edition to Cheebas. This came to us from our import guys with not much info. Knowing a few things and that our customers love a large selection here is something new to start the year off with.

The hash is on the hard side, when bending the brick it finally snaps into the chunks you see. Completely uniform in color and texture with a fresh pine spicy aroma. From the region, it should be a full indica but after testing, this is a balanced smoke. It will give off a strong body stone, not couch lock but a sense of sleepy and slowness. Deeply relaxing with a foggy head but the conversation is easy.




ebomeister 2022-05-17 09:49:08

a very nice hash......good flavour and has a kick to it plus smooth on the throat........yup, I like this one too.

kg 2022-01-20 08:05:25

juste parfait pour la journée.j'adore le gout

Danny A 2022-01-12 06:05:32

Always been a fan of imports and this doesn't disappoint. Always a good time shopping here only problem is I have to try them all.

Reeferman 2022-02-04 06:25:16

This is really good hash , it’s bit lighter colour, really strong. 100% Indica effects really fast strong come on relaxing settle in your seat not for smoking before work , much stronger than others like Anchor, tiger alchemist etc Rich resin flavour that coats the tongue, it feels strong like a domestic hash , don’t smoke this in the Am . It just feels like it’s made with refined genetics, complexity I don’t usually get from true Afghani’a Looks like a cross between Moroccan and Afghani what they call Morocastani in Morocco and Amsterdam it was common in Amsterdam around 04-06 . I give 4 Stars because it not what I expected that said it’s really good