Acid Elephant


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Product Description

You really don't know what to expect with a new strain called 'Acid Elephant'...the high seems present the second after a bong exhale- it sits for a few minutes before building up nicely- you'll know when it's lift-off time when a big stupid grin falls over your face.

The buds are fluffy with a good 'sponge-ness' to them. They bust up beautifully and the smell was a medium level dank. It's not a couch-locker but don't plan on playing tennis after burning one.

It's an Indica-dominant hybrid but the burnout was minimal. Give it a shot! we don't have much in stock!



Supernatural1971 2020-06-23 11:37:04

TY Rare strain! Scent like Sweet Berlin 9.2 Smokes smooth 7.77 Go ask Alice & Todd Moxy Luv it! Creeper buzz 90 minute head & body 20.3 % THC 70/20 IND Dom effects smiley, thoughtful & euphoric nice amount of body My guess is Laughing Buddha x Pink/Blu elephant with lemon zinger in the mixxx. Overall 8.5 but 10 for marketing name it pops up too the best website not Leafly… Cheebas #1 ads TY for all these strains! Variety is the spice of life , sorry Spice girls Cheebas for win! Now Spice up your life Order some fine Cheeba ganja! express shipping

Alice 2020-06-05 12:43:53

Amazeballs strain, perfect high pressure behind the eyes, and a nice tingly chilled high for the body! Definitely recommend

Todd 2020-06-01 01:12:00

Bought this based on the name mostly. Anyone that has enough moxie to call the strain Acid Elephant is worth checking out in my books. Again...completely love this strain. Very chill and mellow. Still able to function mentally too.

Bruce 2020-06-03 12:52:51

I just busted up the buds with my fingers. Super light and fluffy. Very tasty and a good functional stone!