Ace of Spaces

Value Hash

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Product Description

Ace of Spades is a great new addition to the value line up. This is a hard hash, like brick hard. A little effort and this turns to crumble and will be great to add to your favourite flower or tobacco.

Add it to your normal order and enjoy a smooth smoke, easy high at a great price.



kg 2020-09-03 10:12:42

assez surprenant pour le prix

Princejo 2020-08-25 02:15:36

great chink of hash, recommend it highly

Seldar 2020-12-28 12:35:47

Very hard hash, almost glass like. Fluffs up well once heated up. Decent buzz for the price but I prefer soft pliable hash so will likely not buy again. Gold seal and Mercedes are still kings of the value hash category bar none

The Reverend 2020-09-25 09:19:34

Other people complained about the way it tasted but i found it to be really nice to mix in with my flower, definitely worth the price!

B420 2020-10-30 06:07:30

If you are familiar with Motörhead and the song Ace of Spades, that song perfectly describes this hash. It’s hard, a harsh taste especially on my throat and it’s a kick in the ass buzz. The Ace of Spades.

Bruce 2020-09-18 01:16:12

So Im not real impressed with this hash. It does have a perfume like aftertaste and it is hard as a rock. I got a quart and I could not stick a pin in it to burn it. I just held the chunk and burned the other side. It didn't really crumble so much as smear onto my fingers,harden, and drop in little chunks into the tobacco. All that being said, it got me high with a decent buzz, it wasn't expensive and the stone lasted awhile. Two and 1/2 stars outta 5 all day.

Coverttech 2020-09-07 02:40:30

I am sorry to say but unfortunately this hash was very disappointing for the both of us. It had an awkward taste during the hoot which tasted like perfume. I accidently left the lid off it & my hubby found it but it turned hard then & burned better, & the perfume taste was more of an after taste. We noticed the hash in the containter with the lid closed went hard too. I think I may stick with domestic blends I know I like & experiement with your imports which so far have been awesome, especially your Rolling Stones! Thank you.

Sir smokes Alot 2020-09-14 04:33:56

I have to agree with the other review saying that this tastes like perfume, more specifically - it tastes like laundry soap. I had to throw it away.