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Product Description

Despite its name, the AK47 strain is a peaceful sativa-leaning strain. Approx 70% Sativa 30% Indica

We found this strain left us with a happy and mellow feeling... This infamous strain is famous for its one-two cerebral effects that will leave you feeling buzzy for hours on end. Beginning as a cerebral lift that offers a boost of the spirits and an influx of euphoria. Conversations come easily, happiness and relaxation and a total sense of ease are your whole world. 



Janet Greene 2020-02-28 01:55:35

Love this stuff. Helps me get more motivated in getting things done at the same time seems to mellow me out

Supernatural1971 2019-10-31 04:11:01

Nice AK=47 here Product description is accurate like Ind hybrid Taste & scent 8.6 Effects 9.3 really liked it Bonged & waterpiped/bubble pipe hookah Induldge flavor