AK 47 - Outdoor Grown Flower - 1oz


SKU: 14-54-2018
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Product Description

We Can't Believe its not Indoor Grown Weed!

  • Man, this is good weed, good trim, properly dried, great aroma, and gets the job done. This comes to us from a top-shelf BC grower who knows their craft. It also allows us to offer 100 dollars an ounce weed packs which we know will fly off the shelves. The pictures are of the current stock that just came, there is nothing not to like.

Don't know AK? Time to find out. A Sativa dominant hybrid, great medium-sized firm buds, and a complex flavor. Offers a great smoke when in a social setting with a mellow high and mood-lifting properties.

Outdoor or not, blink and these will be gone.




Frank B Qc 2021-01-19 11:25:11

Best deal ever. This batch of AK47 is delicious and will get you a real good high. Big, medium and small size well trimed buds in the bag. You wont regret it.