7g Trainwreck Tin by Herban Legends


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Product Description

7g Trainwreck by Herban Legends

Sativa Dominant | 75% Sativa | Daytime  Smoke

We are filling the Showcase section with only the best quad-quality flower options in rare and unique strains. We loved your feedback and requests for unique smoke and we listened.

Trainwreck didn't get its name or claim to fame in the marijuana community for no reason at all. This exhilarating hybrid strain has mind-blowing components that will hit you like a train after just a couple of hits. A combination of two sativa's Mexican and Thai and one indica. This strain is nothing short of a mental roller coaster ride. Although Trainwreck is mainly sativa dominant, you can expect a mellowing body high you can smoke this strain comfortably throughout the day even with its super high potency.