7g Bubba Doja by Herban Legends


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Product Description

<p>Bubba Doja this good could only be delivered to us by the Craft Growers at Herban Legends. Potency, aroma, flavor profile, potent and perfectly cured and trimmed. Quad Level 100%</p> <p>Bubba Doja is a strong-leaning Indica dominant strain created by crossing 98 Bubba Kush X Purple Doja. This is a powerhouse of a strain with THC level in the22%-26% range. Shockingly the high is more mellow than you would think but lasts forever. You have the first stage. A social, euphoric happy stage. Great for social situations. This moves to an intensely mellow relaxing body high, you are sedated but still functional. You can guess the next stage. Lazy and lethargic, not totally useless or couch locked but you're not accomplishing anything.</p>



OGbottletoke 2023-03-08 04:21:14

Good value for the price , doesn’t crumble like some cheaper stuff and is potent