60mg Sativa Shatter Bomb Box by Eurphoria


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Product Description

12 pieces per box 4 Flavors per box 3 bombs of each flavor 5mg per piece

Introducing Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bombs™, delectable cannabis-infused treats made with the finest locally sourced ingredients. Crafted by world-class chocolatiers, these confections feature patisserie-grade Belgian Ganache for an unforgettable creamy chocolate experience. Each recipe is carefully infused with lab-tested concentrates, ensuring a responsibly portioned and controlled consumption. Unveiling a range of flavors, each box contains:

1. DULCE DE LECHE: A heavenly blend of white and milk chocolate, encasing a delectable combination of creamy butter and sweetened condensed milk, all covered in a sphere of white chocolate.

2. HAZELNUT GANACHE: Indulge in the perfect harmony of hazelnut chocolate center enveloped by a rich milk chocolate coating. Our unique take on a beloved classic will leave you awestruck.

3. COOKIES N CREAM: Experience the delight of vanilla filling embraced by a layer of white chocolate. This treat boasts a medley of soft and chewy chocolate cookies, blended with butter, sugar, and crushed vanilla frosting.

4. STRAWBERRY WAFER: Discover the crunchy delight of a strawberry wafer at the core, enrobed in luscious Ruby