28g Vin Diesel w/Sugar Wax Ball by Hash Assassins

Premium Domestic Hash

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Product Description

28g Hash Ball Vin Diesel with Sugar Wax by Hash Assassins

We keep getting emails asking, when are new products from this group going to be available. This is an eccentric group, they do what they want when they want, enjoy life and crush it when it comes to making hash. Small batch, limited runs. The last offering was the White Nightmare strain and you all loved it, hope this is your new favorite.

At 10 dollars a gram, these are perfect for the big smoker or stock your shelves for the summer.

Vin Diesel with Sugar Wax is a new combination from Hash Assassins that is sure to be a hit. The strain lineage ends with Diesel x Vinters Moonshine to give us the rare Vin Diesel Strain. Sugar Wax is known as one of the purest THC concentrate products available with THC levels ranging from 60% to 90% with a rich terpene profile.

These base materials have been worked into hash heaven by the artisans and then aged for 14 months. This is a hybrid smoke that gets a mind-numbing punch from the sugar wax. The taste is a fruity sour spice with a dank earth undernotes. There is an intense calm euphoria with this high, creativity and body numbness come on quickly and takes you along for a ride for a long time.

Less is more with this one, and can easily be too much for inexperienced users.







Andro 2023-09-09 09:23:07

Just received this. Awesome product! Burns real slow, good flavour, great buzz. Not for the inexperienced. Definitely will buy again!