400mg THC Honey by Faded


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Product Description

<p>Faded Cannabis Co. THC Honey comes directly from small-batch producers who cold-extract the precious, golden nectar to keep all of its&rsquo; organic goodness and benefits that include antioxidants, healthy enzymes and antibacterial properties.</p> <p>Medicated honey is a convenient, tasty and innovative new way to enjoy the pure benefits of THC! Say good bye to the harsh side-effects associated with smoking and don&rsquo;t bother with poorly portioned, bitter-tasting edibles &ndash; Faded Cannabis Co. THC Honey packs a whopping 400mg with virtually zero bitterness, just pure goodness. These air-tight, leak-proof jars make medicating anywhere at anytime as easy as ever &ndash; infuse your own drinks, meals and desserts no matter where you are!</p>