28g Hash Ball - Chunk Deal Assorted Options

Value Hash

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Product Description

1oz Hash Ball / Chunk Deal Can't be beaten.

Red Seal

This is a super gassy, sticky locally made indica-dominant option for those looking to experience different options than our go-to Gold Seal, Mercedes, and Elephant options. Not replace them, of course, they will never leave our shelves.

The high is like the aroma, on your face and is not to be missed. Comes on fast, first in the mind then quickly moves to the body. Hazy, unfocused, not much is going on in the mind just a chill experience where nothing seems to bother you. This is one you can go back to over and over again throughout the night and continue to enjoy.

Freedom Fighter

New to us. The first thing is the gorgeous aroma of spicy, strong tobacco and a smokey dankness. Next is, this hash is hard, not crumbly at all but dense. Looking at the pictures you'll two different colors or textures. The side of the brick was cut with sheers and then bent to break in half. This will be a strong leaning indicia smoke, that is not going to couch lock you but has strong tranquilizing effects for the mind and body.







Jesse Anderson 2023-02-21 12:33:03

This stuff was so strong it literally felt like my face was melting. Sometimes people want beer. Other times champagne; this is more like reaching for the absinthe. Worth. Every. Dime.

Hammerstiffy 2022-09-22 07:45:32

The hash is exceptional for the price. When it burns, you get a rich deep smoke unlike most of the cheaper offerings. The nose is that of a farting leopard. It’s soft and workable. A small amount goes a long was. Manhoods stand tall for this one.

Jeff Bernard 2022-09-04 11:42:08

The best

Toke Street 2022-08-17 10:34:47

I picked up a chunk of Two Palms recently and although this review would better serve the Two Palms abstract, I wanted to share that this hash is a top notch domestic product that any hash lover has probably paid double for similar quality smoke sometime in recent history. It is fragrant & tasty, strong and smooth with a pliant consistency suggesting expert production & some patient time curing. It would hold its own exceptionally well with any of the "other samples" the Walloping Windy Wednesday Club members would bring along at any given session. TYC.

Shawn 2022-06-28 03:50:34

Both afghani and read seal I grabbed were nice hash real nice to mixed with flower gives off a real nice buzz to chill and whatch movies for a night. Ty cheebas as always you guys are the great service great product shit I'm in heaven

Hanz 2022-04-27 10:15:43

Star afghani,Nice smooth smoke,smooth flavour ,great buzz and body effects, followed by relaxation,for the price on a sale that's definitely a good deal ,not to be missed,great work cheebas and good quality for such a price.

Jason 2022-04-18 11:59:23

This was really nice hash. Smoked nice and clean with a soft smoke. I enjoyed the stone. Was to be expected

DeanW 2022-06-05 08:22:55

Not too bad nice flavor and good texture, but I like the 4 Star hash better though...

Daidan2475 2022-05-18 01:29:26

Ressemble beaucoup au Apple (couleur, texture, odeur, effet). Très bon achat mais je m'ennuie du Apple. Very similar to Apple (color, texture, smell, effect). Very good buy but I miss the Apple.

Laqwette 2022-04-26 12:44:47

Star Afgani. Great afgani taste and high. Hard hash but when heated it's ok. Could have a better smell. For the price I paid, I will not complain

Snookerboy 2022-07-04 11:02:16

I got the limited 40g offer for the 'Mystery' hash. You roll the dice and...I would describe this as a cross of Mercedes and gold seal, so not the best. The price at $6.50 /g reflects this. This kinda became my utility hash, to go along with my utility scotch, Dewar. Rock on, bitches.