250mg Liift Gummies


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Product Description

250mg Liift Gummies - Tropical Fruit

10 Gummies

25mg of THC in each piece

Pocket size, perfect for people on the go.

These things are going to be a hit- priced to move and built to last! Check out these Liift gummies today!

You'll love the taste too! Every piece has that classic gummy candy chew, with a pleasant mouthfeel and enjoyable fruit punch taste. Available in both small and large reusable tins, these edibles are convenient to have on you at all times, discreet and easy to share with friends.




ForeTwoneY 2023-03-10 07:51:47

This is a sweet smelling hash that if you leave it too close to you. You will just want to keep smoking and smoking. it is so intoxicating to the senses. Nice in pipe but hits in a more unique manner with BT’s. get a glass bt bottle pass on plastic. Haven’t tried a joint with tobacco because I don’t like that much tobacco. I really like this hash, it’s a very relaxing slightly euphoric, calming feeling. Get some before it’s gone you won’t be disappointed. Potency is good and hits instantly with BT a slight bit longer in pipe.

Cole 2023-02-22 10:22:58

WOW!!!! Smelt like the most incredible Moroccan I've ever had in my life, and the taste was even better, potent high to match it as well. Seriously top tier hash :D