200mg THC Assorted Gummies Doobie Snacks


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Product Description

Doobie Snacks THC Gummies

4 X 50mg per pack

Five flavors, check the drop-down menu for your favorite.

200mg per pack | Keep away from Children | Start low and Go slow, allow 45 for full effects



Synx68 2021-02-01 06:54:11

Nice taste, but not as potent as I expected or experienced previously.

Supernatural777ha 2020-11-28 12:25:02

Watermelon looks and taste mild hint THC ate all 4 and very mellow in my head hoping buzz recommend New user

trailman 2020-11-17 08:01:35

Tasted good but really did not feel much from these guys

Anonymous 2020-11-25 05:06:42

I’m a lightweight when it comes to cannabis, and these did absolutely nothing! I ended up taking what the package said was 50MG of THC and was so sober I could’ve operated a Boeing 747 maybe even a 757