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Product Description

Kandy Kandy 40mg x 5 pieces | 200mg per Bag | Night-Time Collection

Kandy Kandy uses Full Spectrum THC, are Naturally Flavored, Gluten-Free and Lab Tested and best of all, tasty.

These Kandy Kandy gummies are perfect for someone who has enjoyed edibles and has a good idea of what their tolerance is. At 40mg of RSO per gummy, they are a great dosage for people who know weed edibles.

Marijuana edibles, gummies included, take a while to kick in- an hour minimum wait time. don't get anxious if you don't feel anything even after 90mins...each person has a different metabolism and results will vary. Give it time and take another after 2.5 hours if the effects are not strong enough. Patience is the key to success!

These aren't your 7-11 cheapo candy- these are high-quality gelatin-based gummies that are big and flavourful. The taste alone is worth the price tag.

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Green Apple




Mixed Fruit



Bianca 2021-02-07 12:02:04

5/5 for the buzz 3/5 for the flavour.

Zana I 2020-08-24 09:30:55

omg so good