200 mg Vegan Dark Chocolit COOKIES


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Product Description

Chocolit has become one of the fastest growing and sought after brands we carry. We are happy to introduce their newest offering Vegan Dark Chocolit Cookies.

These beauties kick like a mule and are not intended for the first time edibles consumer. Delicious chocolate enrobed oreo cookies packed in a box of 4. Lab-tested and made from the highest quality proprietary blend of full-spectrum cannabis extract and delta-9 THC distillate. These cookies are bound to be a best seller and are already an instant staff fav. All Chocolit edibles are produced in a laboratory grade kitchen using the highest quality machinery and ingredients.

As with all edibles, start low (dosage) and go slow. You can always eat more but start slow and allow up to 2h for full effects. 

Contains 4 Vegan Dark Chocolit covered cookies per package. 50mg THC per cookie - 200mg/package

Finally a potent and delicious edible for Vegans.



KAP 2023-10-17 02:01:50

Like these beter than 400 mg cookies as that is a little too high, but buzz and time high is great