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Product Description

Introducing our 2oz Goodbye Body Butter Psoriasis Cream with Arnica - the ultimate solution for those suffering from psoriasis. This incredible cream, brought to you by Green Therapy, offers a superior alternative to over-the-counter medications.

Formulated with a powerful blend of essential oils, natural herbs, and homeopathic ingredients, Goodbye Body Butter is specifically designed to tackle psoriasis and provide much-needed relief to those experiencing dry, itchy, or sensitive skin.

Our Eczema and Psoriasis Cream is enriched with the healing properties of arnica, renowned for its soothing effects. This gentle, moisturizing cream ensures your skin is well hydrated and protected from extreme dryness, allowing you to finally bid farewell to the discomfort and frustration caused by psoriasis.

Embrace the power of nature and choose Goodbye Body Butter as your go-to psoriasis cream. Say goodbye to over-the-counter medications and unlock the incredible benefits of this balanced and effective formula. Don't let psoriasis hold you back - reclaim your skin's health and experience the relief you deserve with Goodbye Body Butter!



Joanne 2023-10-06 09:12:06

This product is soft and creamy, almost a whipped texture, (it did leak out of the jar during shipment) but it is so effective and works quickly to soothe my skin, love it

Neil 2020-03-24 05:16:58

I have been dealing with severe psoriasis for 3 years now and have tried everything on it up to $300 cream and nothing has worked was feeling down about it because people would always point when they seen my skin I tried this stuff and didn't think it would work but tried it anyway and to my surprise used it for 3 days so far and my legs already look better and feel 100 times better please don't stop selling this product the oil downfall is the small 2oz tubs please make bigger tubs

Lucidcat 2019-06-04 11:24:30

I have used this on my winter dry skin & it works really well. I would recommend this product.