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1oz Live Resin Bombs by Herban Legends

Live Resin

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Product Description

1 oz Live Resin Bombs by Herban Legends are the things dreams are made of. Full Spectrum Live Resin in 10 unique strains offers the most amazing terpene profiles and soring high and you enjoy huge price savings over buying by the gram. If you could smell the jar of this cannabis heaven you would not hesitate for a moment.

Orange Cookies - Sativa

Rockstar - Indica

JB Cookies - Indica Dominant Hybrid

Etko Kooler - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Lemon Durban - Sativa





Ryan C 2022-06-26 08:34:37

Wowza! I got the orange cookies and the smell is sublime! the buzz has my mind racing in the best kind if way.