150mg THC Assorted Gummies Doobie Snacks


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Product Description

Doobie Snacks THC Gummies

6X 25mg THC per Pack

150mg Total THC per Pack | Keep away from Children | Start Low and Go Slow Allow 45 minutes for full effects



pauline white 2021-02-24 04:47:26

I really liked these as well. Cheebas do have a great selection and you get a good bang for your buck! Some gummies taste terrible, these taste pretty slose to the sour gummies were used to eating. 25 mg perfect dose to knock your aocks off especially if youre a newbie!

HUTCH 2020-11-04 02:19:51

LOVE!!! Love the brand name, love the packaging and of course love every gummy that I've tried so far!! Bought 3 different kinds of DOOBIE SNACKS recently and not one has been a disappointment yet!!