14g Art 6 by Westside Gardens


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Product Description

14g Art 6 by Westside Gardens

Artificial Red is a unique indica cannabis strain that is a result of crossing GMO and Red Pop genetics. This exceptional blend offers a delightful fusion of fruity and sugary aromas, complemented by a subtle skunky undertone. The effects of Artificial Red are truly extraordinary, capable of captivating even the most seasoned cannabis enthusiasts.

Strain Type: Indica

Genetic Lineage: GMO x Red Pop

Effects: Deep relaxation, cerebral stimulation

Flavors: Sweet, fruity, with a hint of skunk



Guy 2023-11-18 01:00:17

Exactly as pictured, described and reviewed. Very light and fluffy. Not a hard hitter if that is what you are looking for but nice. Very smooth smoke, great looks and smell. I'm going to pick up the other strain WSG is offering as well as this was grown and cured with care.

Dabmasterj 2023-11-09 05:22:40

Nice smooth hitting isn’t harsh on the throat spongy fluffy nugs that when I pull apart stick to my fingertips but still bust nice in the grinder earthy mossy aroma frosty af with crystals long lasting high