120 micron Charlie Sheen Hash

Bubble Hash

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Product Description

Green crack, OG Kush and Blue Dream had a child and it was... Charlie Sheen? This indica dominant 120 micro pressed bubble hash variant is another great option. I think i'll be high for weeks after trying all the new additions to the menu... Kind of like Charlie Sheen all the time.



Supernatural1971 2019-07-29 09:47:37

Winning! 3 ok strains make this sativa powerhouse 120 Hash Amazing 10;s everything Blown away like he was many times in many ways. Addictive like Rose to Charlie...Men

Jordan Murdock 2019-07-21 09:35:14

I liked this stuff great high like being hit in the face like a face high lol if that makes sense

Trailman 2019-06-29 02:25:05

As bubble hash is usually just a bit harsher than regular hash,so i decided to mix up this charlie sheen hash that break up easily and add it to some mercedes hash, and voila. the experiment worked and my bowl tasted great and gave me a excellent buzz.