11gr Dealers Choice Grab Bag


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Product Description

if you want to try a selection of strains, try our Dealer's Choice deal for 11 total grams of different weed, from indica, hybrids, and sativas!

There are a few 3gram bags in with the 1's...each bag will have mulitple different strains, and the odd double.

Since we have so many strains on the menu, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. This deal is for a mix and match that we put together for you :)

This is a perfect choice for a daily medium-strength stoner- best if you like to hit it out of bongs. Take it from me, switching strains throughout the night makes each hit a new experience! Your highs will stay fresh and strong- don't smoke a quarter in a night, smoke a pinch from different strains for a full night of giggles and wonderment!



coverttech 2021-05-22 10:25:24

good selection