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Product Description

20 pcs x 50 mg = 1000mg per bag

Kootenay Labs gummies are handmade with love and attention. We use only the best ingredients. Our dedication to accurate and transparent dosing can be read in testimonials across the internet. Kootenay Labs Gummies, now made with whole spectrum distillate both in CBD and THC, are tastier than ever. For clarity they are one flavour per dose. All doses have a specific flavour and colour. We strive to make life easier, safer and more fun. 



Supernatural 1971 2020-10-21 08:41:33

Headband strain specific 3 kings HB SD OG funny odd texture look greasy slimey like a snake there cool to the touch I eat 2 then senses come alive cerebral, creative and aroused... still smoked while on these mite try 3 or 4 next time Expensive! HQ product

El Gros 2020-07-01 02:04:36

Those are real good, get's me into a 16 years old first joint laughter!!!

Shift worker 2020-05-18 12:41:07

Was taking these long before they appeared on Cheebas and these gummies rock my favorite of all time and I was some thrilled to see them finally on Cheebas. What a buzz no paranoia or any of the more unwelcome side effects. And warn you bf or gf these tend to put a charge in your nether regions and look out lol.

Sean O 2020-12-16 08:27:11

Great buzz. Lost one star because of the taste.