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Product Description

MedEx NANO THC now at Cheebas

MedEx Nano THC is the product you know, love, and need but with increased bioavailability. Huh. Oil and water don't mix well, think of mixing up a salad dressing. THC oil enters the body which is mostly water as we know, so getting it's full effects on a molecular level is full of roadblocks. NANO technology allows for the body to absorb the product more efficiently and for the effects to be felt faster.

Enjoy 33.3mg of THC per 1ml serving.

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Tman 2020-10-28 02:42:42

tastes stale & doesn't live up to the cost

Dimachka stoner 2020-08-24 09:29:58

superb! recommend

Elys Dyck 2020-11-25 05:06:40

Pure crap. Never buying again.