.5ml THC Vape Oil CARTRIDGES in Assorted Options Now & Then

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Product Description

THC Vape Cartridges by Now + Then

These are perfect for when you don't know what you like and need to test some before jumping up.

500mg Vape Tank

Whether you are looking for a creative boost or to just unwind at the end of the day, your vaping experience just got a major upgrade.

This luxury cartridge contains a state-of-the-art zirconia ceramic vape tank, with 500mg THC per .5ml. There are also 1:1 and Full Spectrum CBD cartridges available.

Each cartridge is carefully crafted to give you a smoother and more relaxing vaping experience every time. Fits standard 510 threading vape batteries.

Consumer Options

Honey Oil

Sativa THC

Indica THC

1:1 CBD / THC

Full Spectrum CBD




Wylde W West 2022-02-02 03:39:39

So appreciate the ceramic carts and the insides are scrumptious in flavour, purity and effectiveness - now & then it is nice to kno some who cares xo