Weed Brownie 80mg THC Max Medibles


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Product Description


Weed Brownies for Sale Online in Canada

Buy a Potent Brownie that will floor you!

This is a 2 serving brownie for an expereinced edible user. The tester ate the whole thing and said he never felt higher. Which is a good review, but please eat this with caution.


If you're fairly new to edibles, take 1/4 of the brownie.

45 minute activation time (ballpark) Effects may be delayed up to 2 hours.

Edibles are processed completely different in your body than smoking a joint, so expect a different ride!

Edibles can leave you baked off your rocking for hours on end. Do not eat this if you are new to marijuana and don't like to smoke.

The Max Medibles weed brownie packs a serious punch!