Small Batch Shatter Death Bubba


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Buy Rare, Small Batch Shatter Online at Cheeba’s

Small-Scale Growers make Shatter too, Y'know

She hits hard and instantly i got worried I was going to get too fucking high at midnight and not wake up till 3:45pm

You know you’re in for it when you take a dab and choke on the exhale.

There’s a glaze that melts over you within 7 minutes. As i write this I can see my fingers move and type these words; but I’m stunned that they spell out coherent (at least I think)

amazing stuff, we’re so happy to be exclusively offering this batch of Death Bubba Shatter.

This gram of deliciousness is perfect. There’s lots of small batch growers in BC, making bomb-ass weed with 30 lights or so. What do they do with it? Well, sometimes they make shatter. Cause, why not?

And here you go- a small batch run of Death Bubba Shatter. Merry fucking Christmas!

I have no idea how you guys and gals plan to buy this stuff. It does deserve a glass jar that lets you get all the angles. But if you buy 30 (and some people do) then can we work on the bottle right? Part of this gig is shipping. And discretion. And shipping 30 glass jars is awkward, so if you buy over 7, then we will fold in wax paper and place in a Cheeba’s bag