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Live Resin

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Live Resin- Death Bubba For Sale

Diamond Concentrates New Product Line- it's Awesome!


The Team at Diamond really know their stuff! They have expanded past shatter to develop great new lines.Cheebas is proud to carry their Live Resin! Clean, Terpy, and potent- the Live Resin is worth the price!


pro tip- run the jar with lid on under warm water...it's a bitch to get off otherwise!

Death Bubba Live Resin comes from an indica dominant hybrid and is well known for its potent psychoactive effects. Extracted with research grade butane, this concentrate exhibits a mouthwatering terpene profile of sweet pine and pungent earthy aromas, finishing with a spicy lemon flavor upon exhale. You’ll only need a small piece of this rich honeycombed hued extract to sink down into a deep state of relaxation.