HoG Shatter God Bud


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God Bud Shatter from House of Glass For Sale!

82% THC Indica Hybrid



Hawaiian x Purple Skunk x God Bud

God Bud is the parent plant to our wildly popular God strains- God's Green Gift, God's Green crack, God's Potion are all energetic sativa leaning hybrids that you can notice in this shatter. Primarily Indica, this shatter is perfect for those medical users seeking a heavy indica that would knock you out. Make no mistake, you'll be blasted and immobile, but the shatter won't hold you down like crazy glue.

Best for night time smoking, God Bud shatter is perfect for watching a movie and relaxing after a long day. Our tsters noticed a pretty good burnout...one person was groggy the next morning, so clear your schedule before smoking!

House of Glass Extracts is an exciting BC-based manufacturing company with great reviews, service, and products! Definitely going to be hearing a lot more about these guys...