VanPen vape pen XL KIT Granddaddy Purp

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Product Description

VANPEN vape kit includes a rechargeable 510 thread battery, a charger, and a 1200mg distillate cartridge- that’s nearly double the size of most traditional cartridges! VANPEN offers premium distilled cannabis oil with reintroduced organic terpene profiles that are derived from some of the finest strains and preferred flavours on the market. Our 510 thread ceramic cartridge is sure to deliver a potent and flavourful puff every time! Experience the most discreet and convenient way to consume your favourite cannabis strains!



Chet 2020-04-26 02:58:36

Got this for a friend. It is very strong to strong for him. I liked it. Easy to use, strong effects that are almost instantaneous. Can’t recommend it enough

Steve landry 2019-09-15 07:32:49

Great kit to get started love the easy and readiness of the vanpen