Sour Power


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Product Description

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A new hybrid with more of a smooth hybrid Sativa effect, Sour Power is winning everyone over

StarBud x Sour Diesel

The buds are a beautiful pale green with orange hairs and frosting all over. The colas are big and the quarter bags are practically bursting! A relaxing, yet focused high is very versatile for treating a wide range of conditions. Glaucoma, Crohn's Disease, and inflammation have all been reported to do well with Sour Diesel as a medicinal option. Mentally, PTSD, anxiety, and depression are also helped by Sour Diesel. 




Squiddo 2021-02-28 02:04:57

Sativa dominant buzz. Good condition and great taste.

Closet smoker 2019-01-08 06:23:23

This was my go too today. Received this grade A product. I am a big fan of creative and alert bud. This was amazing took a while to hit me after hitting the vaporizer about 15 minutes then thr fun was on. I'm a hard core fan of White Fire OG (WIFI) This would be my next favorite same level and effect. Love it. Also great items included usually a lightet and sometimes a sticker. This will not disappoint. Fresh erb and couldn't ask for a better all round product.

Lucid1 2019-01-13 12:51:38

This is an uplifting strain, but also relaxing. Nice sour flavour & smell, goes great in the vape. Nice sativa buzz. Took about 20 min to kick in, kind of a slow creeper, so, don't overdo it to start!