King of Cans 800mg (WHITE) Premium Gummies


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Product Description

King of Cans at Cheebas

Each gummy is about 50mg...eat these bad boys slowly!!!

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These come in at 800mg of THC and are clear heavy hitters. Each can has plenty of flavours sure to please but check the picks to see how delicious they look. Amazing colors and shapes covered in sugar. Not your average gummy treat.

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Steph R 2020-04-23 09:00:10

Great buzz... but 100% not for beginners... if you are starting off take a mouse size bite of ONE and wait... my poor bf was strapped into the couch for an entire day off just one candy

trailman 2020-04-27 11:30:41

Taste good, but i tried 2 of them and just felt it a bit, but that is after a full day of smoking good hash. Every one reacts differently. Most users will be fully satisfied with a 50mg piece or less. One thing for sure gummies are not equal to chocolate. 2 pieces would put me on the sofa. Thanks Cheebas for all the goodies.

dunco 2020-07-30 09:20:12

wasn't a fan I had 4 and was not satisfied with the high tasted like chemicals I may of got a bad batch but not going to try another sorry cheebas but it a -1 stare