Coast Concentrates Shatter - Ace of Spades


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Billydakid 2020-01-21 03:48:37

Wanna get nice and stoned???.....wanna get nice and stoned quick and feel like your floating on clouds???? If you answered yes to either one of these questions than Ace of Spades is for you.. AOS is a strain I always have on hand. If I had a first aid of Cannabis this is the one strain the one product I would make sure to stay stocked up on. Personally I always like to have 3-4 grams of this HOG. The taste has universal appeal and it’s strong but not so strong You are left incapacitated. I prefer it as a night time med But also use it regularly just prior to a long physiotherapy Session. It’s super smooth, not harsh at all and like I said I like to mix it with a moderately strong indica like Zombie Kush, Jedi Kush, Vader OG or King Kush mixed 50/50 You have a powerful medicine that will alleviate pain, induce sleep and make a 10 cheeseburger McDicks run all but required travel.....this is a good one boys and girls Buy it now thank the kid later. Peace out ya all✌️

Jordan 2020-02-18 01:59:24

I would steer away from this particular one. I was sent one and it was basically an oily piece of parchment with some odd granular sugar looking sap on it. Not cheebas fault maybe just a bad batch