White Rhino Shatter by Diamond


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Product Description

White Rhino Shatter For Sale at Cheeba’s

White Rhino is a great strain of shatter to buy if you wanta heavy hitting indica

The lineage is incomplete, White Window is one parent and the other unknown, watch Maury to find out who’s the baby daddy! But White Rhino doesn’t need any help growing up, this Indica dominant hybrid is mature and should be treated with respect.

This Indica has a lot of medicinal value due to it’s complex THC profile…not only is the count high, but the combination of THC and CBD provide a relaxed, happy head high.

There’s a decent crash afterwards, so this is a night-time strain!

High THC content

Great for insomnia, pain relief and stress.

Smells earthy, pungent and sweet

If you want to buy shatter online that’s good for medical uses, try White Rhino at Cheeba’s!