White Rhino


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Product Description

White Rhino (Indica dominant phenotype) is an old school strain that most flower lovers will remember. It's genetics come from white widow crossed with a north american sativa (speculation about actual name of the strain) Many people find White Rhino to be an excellent flower for relaxation with most people reporting feelings of euphoria and relief from pain, insomnia and stress.



Supernatural1971 2019-03-29 02:35:55

Star update chargin in

Connor 2018-12-29 12:39:52

Very calming. Burns well.. Definitely a night time strain.

Xander 2018-12-18 04:15:35

Nice buds, solid smoke, but it doesn't stack well. Smoke a couple of these and it's like a White Rhino is sitting on your brain. Definitely a strain for ending the night, not starting the day.

Supernatural1971 2019-03-14 01:30:39

Resembles pic! Best White strain close 2nd white frost had Russian & widow but this is the shit! looks 9 covered in crystal taste Rhino 8 donut dropped in paint smokes 10 best jays like anytime effects High Happy Chill Dank classic Fire strain HOF Bud makes decent rosin & shatter but I love smoking it weed style want try purp rhino AAAA 5*+ small burn out worth it My top 20 tolerance on this strain Its not a 1 night stand takes about an 0z till build up! Spiderman likes widow better of course he wood