THC Tincture Green Therapy 150mg

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Product Description

This tincture is made with cannabis oil , MCT oil and natural flavours.

MCT Oil is comparable to coconut oil in terms of the composition of essential fatty acids and texture.

Place 3 drops of the liquid under your tongue twice a day. this convenient method avoids an smoking or eating concerns one may have about marijuana. You simply get a full body and mind effects of THC in a fast and efficient way.




Rob 2020-05-08 10:47:01

My wife likes the product, great for helping her sleep

Robyn 2019-12-15 02:19:41

Has a lemon flavour, definitely felt the effects.

Lisa 2020-11-19 12:20:49

Sad to say this product didn't work. My husband and I tried this a number of times, increasing the dosage each time to an amount that normally would slay me and satisfy him, but nothing, nada, no effects apparent what so ever. I would give zero stars but not an option. Sorry Cheeba's, you never steer me wrong, but this one is a miss.