Super Silver Haze Rosin


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Buy Clean, Clear, & Energetic Sativa Rosin

Solvent-free Concentrates For Sale in Canada



Super Silver Haze is a great sativa that will make whatever you're doing better! The high is fast-acting and hits like a freight train. Dab up and get ready for a soaring cerebral high that will leave you wanting to do something. Fair warning tho- half way through you might wish you were on the couch, but the high is energetic enough to get you back there.

Buy Super Silver Haze for a strong sativa concentrate made solvent-free

Rosin is a form of marijuana concentrate that harvests the trichome heads off the plant matter by pressure and heat. Shatter, on the other hand, uses CO2 or butane to separate the trichomes (where the THC is on the plant) from the plant matter.By only using heat and pressure, rosin is colected without any chemicals, providing the cleanest hit you'll ever take!

Rosin is great for dabbing, the hit is cleaner and the high is euphoric and long-lasting. The fact that there is no chemicals used, makes the flavour profile very dynamic. There's way more terpenes in Rosin than Shatter.